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About Us [Magtheridon] - Pankeks

Currently looking for DPS of all classes. We have all played with each other since Burning Crusade and we strive to pull the best numbers possible to compete with other logs. We consider ourselves Semi-Hardcore as we do only raid 2 nights a week. We expect punctuality, attendance, and the desire to push your limits as a raider. We do not expect every player to have a roster of 2-3 characters to switch back and forth for progression purposes. Immediate Openings for select classes. We are recruiting to progress through Mythic Mannoroth and Archimonde into Legion.

We got off to a late start for Highmaul because we did not have a 20-man roster. We mainly were just clearing content as 10-mans, but we all wanted to see more content so we pushed for Mythic raiding. For Blackrock Foundry we pushed as best we could with the 2-day schedule.

Our atmosphere is very laid back and we have a good time while we're raiding, but when it comes time for bosses we get it done and it takes us very little time to learn new content.


7/7m HM. 7/10m BRF, 11/13m HFC. (during content/before nerfs)
We skip to Upper HFC to push progression. For those interested in Lower HFC, we will do an off night clear here and there, or when we have an extra hour or two during normal raid nights, but keep in mind not to expect Lower clears when applying to our guild.

Raid Nights:

Tuesday/Wednesday 7:30 - 11:30 p.m. (Eastern&Server)
We understand that people would like/have to do real life things so that is how we decided to raid only 2 nights a week. However, since we only raid 2 days, raiders are expected to maintain high attendance. Real life happens - no one's going to blame you, just as long as missing raid doesn't become the norm. Every missing raider affects our weekly roster, and therefore are expected to give sufficient warning if they cannot make that raid night.

Loot Distribution:

Loot Council is the system we use to distribute our purples. We base it off of performance, attendance, and how big of an upgrade for that raider it is to benefit our overall raid. We do understand that some people just can't make it sometimes and do not penalize your loot chances because of it. We do our best to spread the loot out evenly because everyone likes getting purples.

If you do not see your class listed above, it does not mean that we would not still be interested in having you as we would consider all exceptional players who would like to raid here. If you feel like we would be a good fit for you and we meet some requirements you desire please do not hesitate to contact us.

If interested you may contact:
Kelblast (KeLth#1486)Luxun (Luxun#1388), or Basillica (Voluptas#1686)

Recruitment currently OPEN to DPS, but we are always willing to look at exceptional players to join our team.
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